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It's New Year's Morn

It's New year morn
Bright Sunshine melting the cold
The warmth of growing hope
My new eyes eager to behold.
It's New Year's morn
Time to bury the bygones
But I pluck our memories
A few rights and some wrongs.
Therein lie not so dead memories
Of silent moments Talking.
Speeches lonely, silent
And hours and hours of emptying.
I am burying these with care,
All streams of a parched soul
Hereon, they would be memories
Their treasure, I to myself, would dole.
It's new year's morn
Time to bury the bygones
Let me pluck our memories,
Lyrics for my unsung songs.


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We need Hymn not just mayhem,

Gratitude, not just attitude....

Let sanctity prevail!

The World is full of dismal's and despair,

Dear God! Help us back to solidaire.

We need patience, not just tolerance,

Acceptance, not just endurance.

Let equanimity prevail!

No faith lost is the right direction.

Dear God! Help conscience in resurrection..

We reason out a lot .....

What is right and what is not.....

Dispute and disagreement ... Why?

Haven't we already suffered a lot.

For once...

Let's take one step....

Let vengeance vanish,

Let's forget hatred.

Let's make a promise..

For once...

Let us break the shackles of vanity,

Accept only 'We' and let go of 'Me'.

Embrace each other as God's beautiful creation.

And make 'Unconditional'

World's new Legislation.

Two Incomplete Halves, Forming a Unified Soul

If I say I think of you often

Tell me, do you care

If I say I dream of you

Of you and I in imagined scenes

Would it bring a smile

To your strong, deeply attractive face

Do you still believe in love?

And its ability to lift up

The spirit and its soul

To soar to new heights

Where you never thought possible

To even think of before

Tell me, you still have that faith

And that the past has not broken you

Or jaded you into total disrepair

Would you believe me if I told you

That I have been waiting a lifetime

To meet my special one, my one true love

And as the special time of Christmas

Has arrived here, once again

I will tell you and all others

Who happen to read my words

You are my special one

You and no one else but you

You are the one I've been waiting for

You are the woman of my dreams

I love you in the here and now

And whatever tomorrows that there will be

Written By - George Hiegel

Life Anyway...

I have been a solitary soul fighting ups and downs,

Still, I find life's beauty hidden in nooks and corners anyway...

The roadblocks have been numerous on this untrodden path,

Still, I find the urge to move on towards my goal anyway...

Emotions lost, feeling hurt, friendship lost and found,

Still, I find the next milestone as intriguing anyway...

Sometimes fearless, sometimes crouched and crumbled,

Still, I find the inner strength to guide me anyway...

Sometimes lonely, sometimes lost in a crowd,

Still, I find my identity engraved on a far horizon anyway...

Life has been a bouquet of thorns and thistles alike,

Still, I find the rules and ruptures healing anyway...

Life has been a merry go round leaving me in a dizzy din,

Still, I find the sound of life euphonious anyway...

Basking and reveling in the divine love of my Lord,

Still, I find life full of hope and anticipation anyway...

O! Dear Mountain

O! Dear Mountain,
Why did you do this to me?

You taught me how to walk,
On Rocks and Lose soil,
Only to send me back to where,
There are no firm roots, no toil.

You taught me that every descent,
Is followed by an ascent,
Here, I come back,
Trying to advert dead end.

You taught me that every
Step is an achievement,
I come back to a place where even
Gallops come without fulfillment.

Now, here away from you,
My body aches for the sensation,
To hear each of my precious breath,
To kiss the sky, to offer you salutation.

Forget What Others Say, Listen to Your Heart

I'm sure all of your friends Will tell you, if you ask them The years between us are too much For us to get together As I'm people in your family And even strangers on the street Will say exactly the same That you and I shouldn't get together For a chance of love, joy, and happiness Just because the divide between The great divide between your age and mine Maybe if I were an ordinary man I just might agree with them But I am not an ordinary man I am not like any man you've ever seen before Or will ever see the like of again Just as you are no ordinary woman Unlike any other I've ever known Or ever will know again That is why I fell so hard for you,my love Because an extraordinary man Needs to love an extraordinary woman Nothing else would ever do And I would like nothing more Then the opportunity to make you Happier than you have ever been in your life Happier than you could've ever dreamed of To fill your heart with joy To treat you in the special way you des…

Rent And Maintenance

The jobs that pays rent, let us raise a toast
Coz it is there that we spend our time most!

Come Monday and Begins 'la routine quotidienne'
And Though its Saturday, there's no respite again
'C'est la vie' is what  my mom says
Coz work is all, that with you stays....

Indeed our lives are so full of care
We have no time to stand and stare
When Was last, at a daisy you looked
Or for that matter, a meal you cooked?

Hours you spend on a overseas client call
'Reached home' is the message for mom, that's all
Thanks to jio, You 've unlimited free calling
But for a friend with time, I am still waiting

I decorate on the shelves the books that I buy
The bard and Dickens are still waiting for me to try
So dust coats itself on the book laden shelf
And no time for self in this quest for pelf

All the takeaway menus are now by heart
But dinner table talk, I don't know how to start
Deliver at my doorstep, Grofers and Bigbasket
But where is the fun of Bargaining in the market